Faces & Places
we all have dreams, wishes and hope
The main idea is to show that in principle the people are not that different, that each one of the young generation has his own dreams, struggle.
That religions can lead to love but also lead to hate, desperation and motivation, that each person has dreams and wishes, pain and grieve.
Each person has his wish, struggle, pain, tears and happiness. All people religious or not have a wish for love and someone to love them.
A poor man might have a wish for simple shoes, another one might wish for a luxury car. Each person can be lonely and wish for a life partner, some wish for kids and some may not. Some have kids and a partner some not.
With Internet social media taking more and more of our daily time, social media is a part of our daily life. We used to go out at parks, clubs to find a date, now we meet most people online.

Our private life lays many times open at cyber space, we share our lunch, vacation, home and daily life with people unknown to us.
We share our feelings many times, moods, to Facebook and other social media apps.

Again Faces & Places will show without any coloring, political motivation a unique picture that in each place in the world there are happy but also sad people, the world opinions for the future.
Faces & Places will give you an exclusive look in the soul of other young people, in this we can understand the other person so much better without even meeting the person in real.
Tears, pain, hope and wishes are many times based on the personal live situation but again they are wishes, hope and pain which each of us in more or less experienced so in this we show we have links to each other. We are all born and all of us will die sooner or later.
Faces & Places will not point fingers to world leaders, we will show that each country has positive and negatives.
While some young will spend hours and hours daily on the internet or video games, the other person spends the same time walking to get water, or going to a distance place for work, study.
Each person shown will have in some way an instinct to survive or that getting higher up the ladder, while the other one will try to find a small boat and escape to western countries. Again the facts are the motivation for a better life so again we are not that different.

As Faces & Places has its goal to be shown throughout the world networks and internet media at a later stage, young people can compare their life with others and maybe, we hope, to respect some other person who lives so far away and might has a different believe as they have.
Maybe it might be a breakthrough for many, that we do live in the same planet and that we should follow our free mind, to make a more balanced decisions that can be the most important in their life time.
Faces & Places will reach out to the young generation the future soldiers, presidents, business man, medical doctors, hand labor workers and so on.
By connecting people with each other there might be a open door that can lead to a better life. Faces & places will never claim to be the answer to all the world problems, merely Faces & Places just wants to open a discussion among young people, another voice as all of us are humans, all of us have to survive global warming, wars, financial collapse, viruses and so on.
When people, young, wil travel to other countries they mostly start to understand so much more about the problems others in that country of their destination, has to face.
But poor people do not have that change and in one way they are only depended on the media that is allowed at their country to be shown. Bit Internet is here and even poor people many times have access to internet, even if they don’t own a PC. You see refugees traveling great distances with a smart phone in their hands telling them which route to take to a safe haven.
Or many poor can visit an internet café.
Faces & Places would like to offer their series after some time for free on the internet. Not at ones as first the production cost has to be covered.
But our motivation is there to show this after some time on the internet in low or high resolution so that for each person rich or poor, with high date or small data limit can watch the film.
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Peter was a journalist in many wars, where he saw lots of hatred and many people dead or heavily wounded. Trauma seen, especially among the young people, is still difficult to live with, as those ugly memories persist on a daily basis and continues to be a struggle. He has also seen many innocent people displaced from their homes needlessly. War can be eliminated for the most part if young people can see we are all more alike than we are different. That the concept each person can feel pain, sadness and also happiness, is a binding and unifying force.
Peter says, "If Faces & Places could be widely broadcasted in various venues of media, the internet, national and local TV, it may help viewers understand that the world is a place we all live in. And we are not alone! It belongs to all of us to share!"
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