Faces & Places
we all have dreams, wishes and hope
Faces & Places will be engaging with the age group of 18- 35 years of age. Male and female alike, will discuss their lives, their dreams their religion, their wishes their plans and most of all what they think about the global world they live in. What are their concerns, what are they afraid of? What motivates, excites and makes them look forward to tomorrow.

The spectrum of young people, from workers, students, to even young prostitutes, homeless, jobless, will be posed the same questions while filming their everyday lives. We will follow them for some time, their friends, family, job and free time. With short flashes of their everyday lives, we will illustrate their lives, in a real life opera scenario.

Faces & places will travel to many outskirts of the world, interviews with people of various religions which some of them, wil use as a driven power, a motivation to do, wish and hope.

Faces & Places will pose the same questions to each one interviewed:
Name and age, where are you born, family relation, boy, girlfriend wife, husband, family:
Education, job, hobbies.

1 Religion, beliefs, active, non-active, nonbeliever.
2 Vision about the world we live in.
3 Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
4 Wishes and hopes for present and future.
5 The biggest fears or/and bad experiences.
6 Background of some of them, family, work, places they live
7 What do you think about the technology and the advantage of humanity?
8 What do you think about the global warming and a pollution.
9 Will the world ever be without wars?
The documentary will have 3 cuts: (versions)
Promo 2-5 minutes (pilot) for presentation
Edition for video festivals 60 minutes version
Series, 10 parts, each part 25 minutes

In all of the video one time a question will be asked and all answers will be shown by some of the interviewed guest.
The video screen will be filled with all guest appearing, guest 1 will answer, zoom out and zoom in to guest 4 letís say.

While the guest will speak the logo place country and first name will appear. At the series we will follow some of the guest in their daily life, look where they live, maybe luxury maybe poor or average living conditions.

At the series, 10 parts of 25 minutes we have more time to focus more on a specific country and the person appearing.

The producers and journalist want to hit the main metropolis in each part of the small world we live in.
(Countries are just for example and maybe changed)

Asia : Philippines (Manila) Indonesia (Jakarta) Singapore Turkey (Istanbul) Thailand: Bangkok, Pattaya and more

Europe: Bulgaria (Sofia) Germany (Berlin) Netherlands (Amsterdam)
North Macedonia, Greece, Sweden

Americas: Mexico (Mexico City) USA (NYC) Brazil (Sao Paulo) Canada (Toronto)

Australia (Melbourne)

Africa & Middle East Dubai, South Africa (Cape town) Nigeria and so on.
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